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Divorce Fallout – Should you care

So many people are prepared to throw away their marriages without putting any effort at all into saving it. Quite often I meet with people who are reacting to years of unhappiness and who are now not willing to put any effort into trying to save their relationships.
What is surprising is that most of those who I find in this situation have never sought out marriage counselling and when they are presented with that option they emphatically declare a lack of interest or desire. How shocking and how sad.
Certainly when there are children involved, joint assets and a long term relationship at stake it is worth the effort. Yet many people who I speak to are unwilling to even try.
You need to be aware of the consequences of separation and divorce both emotionally and financially. The impact is not limited to just you as an individual. Even if you have no children the effects spread to your immediate families, your parents and friends. As a single person you may find that you are no longer welcome in the couples social circle that you frequented as a family unit. You may find yourself forced to seek out new friends and new social contacts.
It is worth the effort. If counselling does not work at least you will know that you made the effort, that you took the time to try. That will help you process through the difficult period that you will face as a single – and most particularly a single parent. I encourage you to seek out the names of good family therapists and make th effort to save your relationship.
Just remind yourself that at some point in your life you believed that your partner was a person you could love and live with forever.

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