How To Choose a Divorce Lawyer or Family Lawyer in Ontario: 5 Things to Consider

Finding a family lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

When you are in need of a family lawyer or divorce attorney in Toronto, you are likely already in the midst of a stressful circumstance. It can be overwhelming to try to sift through different lawyers, especially if you’ve never had to look for one before.

There are five things you should consider when you are selecting a firm to assist you:

1) Expertise and experience:

When choosing a family law firm it is important to consider the experience of their team. Each case is unique but a firm who has “seen it all” can be a real asset in the courtroom. It can be helpful to inquire on how long the firm has been in existence as well as how long their team has been practicing. It may also be helpful to ask if your potential lawyer has experience in negotiation and/or litigation.

2) Free consultations:

Wills, estates, powers of attorney, separation agreements, divorce attorneys, custody and access laws can become overwhelming quickly. A law firm that is confident in its expertise will often offer a free consultation. This is a great opportunity to consult a professional with the details of your unique circumstance. A strong firm will be able to determine your next steps, regardless of whether or not you will become a client.

3) Recommendations and referrals:

It is very easy for a law firm to suggest that their firm is the “best” on their website. It can be useful to  go a level deeper and find reviews from previous clients. It is perfectly acceptable to ask a firm for a reference or testimonial they can point to.

4) Your needs:

Different cases require differing levels of legal aid. Based on the details of your circumstance, a lawyer should be able to anticipate the basic needs of your case. Sometimes an issue can be resolved over a short mediation, where other cases will need to be disputed in a courtroom. Understanding your needs can help you select the family lawyer best suited for your case.

5) Your comfort level:

When you are in the process of arranging a consultation it is important to consider if you feel comfortable with this person. Family law issues can become deeply personal. Think about the person you would like to work with. Does this person understand your needs and circumstance? A strong family lawyer is compassionate and respectful. They will treat you like a friend, not a paycheck.

Finding a family lawyer in Toronto can be overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be.

With so many options, remember that you are in control of your circumstance and deserve the best representation, regardless of your case. I hope these considerations can help point you in the right direction.

–  Steven Bookman

Our family lawyers are dedicated to providing unparalleled legal services.

Bookman Law has the experience you can trust in all areas of family law, divorce, separation, and estate law. Our family lawyers are dedicated to providing unparalleled legal services. Are you looking for a family lawyer? Click here to request a free consultation.

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    • Thank you very much

  2. Always essential to hire a lawyer who specializes in divorce, you will want a lawyer with ample experience in family law. Make sure your lawyer regularly takes family law type cases.

    • You are so right. So many people are hurt by lawyers who do not know what they are doing. Great point that everyone should pay attention to for sure.

  3. I like that this mentioned that a confident law firm will offer free consultations for your case. My friend is going through a divorce, but isn’t sure how to choose a lawyer. I’ll share these tips with her, and hopefully she can get the best care for herself.

    • It is so important that people relate to their lawyers. You are interviewing the lawyer and if you don’t like her or him do not hire them. Also, never pay for an initial interview. How can a lawyer charge someone for the privilege of finding out if you are a good fit.

  4. My cousin is in need of a family law service to help him through his divorce. So I appreciate your suggestion to set up free consultations so that you can be sure the service will be able to help you determine your next steps. I will be sure to tell my cousin that he should set up consultations with his top choices for family law firms.

  5. Sorry for the delay in reply. Thank you so much for your comment. It is very much appreciated.

  6. I like that you said if you are choosing a firm you should consider the experience of the team. This will be one of the biggest ways to determine if they are a reputable and reliable firm and that the lawyer will be able to help you the best. The length of time they have been in practice will be important in determining their experience, like you said.

  7. I like how you point out that a team who was seen it all can be really valuable in the courtroom. My friend and her husband are going through a divorce right now, and it’s been pretty difficult between the two of them. I think she would really benefit from finding an experienced law firm to help her make it through this rough time in her life.

  8. I totally agree that a firm who has “seen it all” can be a real asset in the courtroom, highlighting the importance of experience when choosing a family law attorney. One of my friends is planning to get a divorce. I’ll mention this to him, as it’s highly possible that he will need an attorney, and I want him to choose one who has the most experience.

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  10. We’ve been looking for a law firm, and I think that being able to get some information would be nice. I like the idea of being able to get a free consultation like you said would be nice. I’m going to have to look for a few good law firms and see what the options are!

  11. Thanks for mentioning how a child custody lawyer should offer you a consultation. I also like how you said that you should feel comfortable around them. My aunt and uncle are looking for a child custody attorney; I’ll pass on the post.

    • Ashley. Thank you for your comment. Too many people come to me after they have had very bad experiences with lawyers and spent too much money accomplishing very little. Steven

  12. Free consultations are something that you should always be on the lookout for when choosing a divorce lawyer. After all, you will want to make sure that you hire a competent and experienced lawyer to help with your divorce case. By sitting down for a consultation, you will be able to interview them about their experience and why they are the best choice for your case.

  13. My cousin is thinking about getting divorced this year. So, I liked that you pointed out that she will need to think about how comfortable she feels around lawyers. It is good to know that it would be helpful because she will be more open with a lawyer she trusts.

  14. Thanks for the tips for choosing a divorce lawyer. I like how you said that they need to have experience in the type of case you have. We’re hoping to help my sister find a lawyer for her divorce, so I’ll be sure to remember that.

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